Hello, my name is Frans!

This is how I saved my business from going bankrupt:


He jumped up out of his chair, looked at me and demanded to know why I hadn’t told him this before. I looked in his eyes, feeling accused of witholding my knowledge and expertise. 

I had been talking with Roel, a fellow entrepreneur that I know for many years, and his business was struggling. 

I know what it’s like to have great products and services that really help people, but not being able to make any sales.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was personally struggling making sales online and generating enough leads. I had a smal and relatively successful business in BrainTraining; Teaching Judges, PhD’s, students, lawyers, television stars, business men and women to optimally use their brain. I had actually been on national and international television. My own 15 minutes of fame.

To be perfectly honest, being on tv was cool, but I got my customers via word of mouth. Unfortunately it turned out during the recession that word of mouth was definitely not enough. I was failing and felt so frustrated. You know why? Because I knew with 100% certainty that my products and services were way better than that of the competition, but they were making sales and I wasn’t.

Looking back it made siren since I didn’t know the first thing about marketing my services. They were selling and I wasn’t. I was an idiot, thinking that as long as my products and courses were the best than people would automatically buy. During the recession sales dropped and I was at the verge of bankruptcy. At one point I lay in bed at night awake, wondering why I couldn’t get people to buy from me.


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_color=”%23ffffff”]I felt devastated and was angry at the world. It felt so unfair. Customers were buying inferior products and services from my competitors and I was being pulled in a black hole. I don’t know about you, but I felt horrible. I also realised that I could moan about my situation but that would make difference. I had to set my ego aside and take responsibility.[/text_block]

My discovery

Then I discovered a way to turn things around. Well I decided to take action and do all I could to turn things around. I started taking courses in online marketing and learned how to build websites. How to set up social media marketing. How to write sales copy. I took a whole Buch of courses, I read every book, watched ever instruction video I could find and bit by bit I learned how to promote my business online.

I implemented everything I learned and sales quickly went up. But it wasn’t until I sat down for a talk with Roel that things all of a sudden clicked in my mind and changed my future.

Roel was struggling to make sales. When he started out with his business it was quite unique, but now he had competition and was quickly overlooked by potential customers. Having been in a similar situation, I really wanted to help him out. So I started explaining what I learned in online marketing and the tools I used to set everything up. I was so enthusiastic because I had seen how it saved my business.

Without realising it, I made some very interesting connections between te brain and online marketing. That was the moment that he jumped up out of his chair and looked at me intensely, demanding to know why I hadn’t told him these secrets before. I was shocked by his reaction, but come on… having your own business is like having a baby. Seeing it on life support makes people very emotional. He calmed down and then asked me ‘since when do you do neuro-marketing?’ I looked at him baffled; neuromarketing?

Without realising it, I was combining what I learned about online marketing with my expertise on the human brain. This realisation was the moment that my interest in online marketing sparked into an intense passion in online neuro marketing.

Ever since that moment I am constantly reading and discovering new ways to apply my knowledge of the brain to online marketing. I don’t have all the answers, but I am on a journey to discover the ultimate truth in online neuro marketing and I want to share these secrets with you.

I’ll share my secrets with you

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_color=”%23ffffff”]Yeah, your read that right. I want to share my neuromarketing secrets and the tools that I use with you…. Well that is if you are an online entrepreneur that wants to make this world a better place (also charities that do good work, like saving stray animals are welcome).

I am picky who I work with. I’m here because I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs and charities succeed who want to make this world a better place.[/text_block]

My results

I use these neuromarketing secrets myself with amazing results. Yet, it hasn’t always been easy. I have run into a lot of problems such as finding the right tools and apps to make create brain friendly sales funnels. Also finding ways to do research on the target group was a challenge since I couldn’t simply give a potential customer an (f)MRI scan.

Now I am able to set up very successful brain friendly online sales funnels (sounds cool right?) and brain friendly sales pages, this has turned my business around. This year I’ve already double my income from last year!

On request from a publisher I’m now writing a book about a system I created for Stressfree Working. Of course it’s called BrainFriendly Working (somehow it’s a big thing in my life). It based on how the brain works.

The cool thing is that the publisher already want a second book based on a BrainFriendly study method which I created that helps students ace their exams. Hmmm I’m starting to see why some of my customers call me the ‘Brain Guy’.

To be perfectly honest, I could have done much better. Yet I have big flaw. I am very creative and a lot of times when I figure out how something works, I’m content with just that. Knowing that I figured it out is a reward on it’s own and if I’m not careful then that’s where I stop. I always need to remind myself to implement, implement, implement and last but not least: implement!

Yet, I was so excited with my results that I shared some of my secrets with my friends that are also entrepreneurs. The results were that within weeks they had tripled their online sales. Then a couple of them hired me as a ‘neuro online marketing strategist’. Sounds fancy right? 😉

Well it basically meant that I researched their target group and created an online marketing blueprint for them based on the workings of the brain. They implemented this blueprint and got some mind blowing results.

Besides creating neuro based online markering blueprints (wow, that’s a mouthfull) I also set it up completely for customers so the get optimum results. I do this for them with a team that I formed around myself.

Are you dedicated enough?

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]How do I know if I can share this with you? If you are truly passionate about helping others and making this world a better place then I want to help you get the same results as I did.

I want to show you how to use the secrets of neuro marketing to increase your online sales. Once you know how the brain works you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to make your business an online success. You will finable be able to enjoy the benefits of your hard work.

The first step is simple: come back here to this site on november 1st 2018… I’m not telling you why, just do it. Prove that you are serious.

Best regards,



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